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The YouTube platform allows you to advertise to users of the platform using a video format. Videos can be skippable or short videos that users should watch all the way through.

What is YouTube video advertising?

Video marketing is gaining more and more popularity in our country due to its success rate. It is exciting and dynamic, managing to grab and hold the viewers’ attention. The best impression through this type of format occurs in the first few seconds of playing, in which it is recommended the main message be presented.

Benefits of YouTube video advertising

Емотиконка createx Tube views

High number of views

YouTube allows your message to reach a large number of viewers at an affordable price that is significantly lower than traditional methods of promotion.
Емотиконка createx Tube target viewers

The right viewers

Unlike TV advertising, you have the opportunity to present your product or service only to people with similar interests to your business.
Емотиконка createx Tube flexability


Retarget and change audiences based on results. Monitor real-time performance and plan the next step in the strategy.

Емотиконка createx Tube atractive format

Attractive format

Unleash your imagination and get into the minds of your target audiences with the right plot, effects, and music.

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What does the CreateX service include?

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