Google ads

Google advertising is among the most advanced methods of online promotion. It provides a rich resource for action and the opportunity to reach a large audience. Prices for this type of paid advertising are determined by consumer demand and interest.

Advantages of advertising on Google

Be remembered

Google advertising puts your message in the first position in a search. With it, you have the opportunity to be displayed on sites and applications visited by your potential and current customers.

The right audience

The platform has a convenient method for accurately segmenting audiences. This way you can reach the exact people you want.


Results are measurable and can be tracked in real-time. Through optimization and daily monitoring, you increase efficiency.


Google Ads has a large partner base that you can advertise to. People will learn about you when they search for a product or service – regardless of device, wherever they are.

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Where can I advertise?

Your Google ad can be seen:

What does the CreateX service include?

Google Ads works on the principle of “PPC” – Pay Per Click. This means that you only have the option to pay when a user engages by clicking. Determining the budget for a paid promo campaign is based on the demand and the specifics of the market.

CreateX works at competitive rates for Google campaigns. Our teams guide you in choosing the right strategy to promote your brand. The results are even more noticeable when the service is combined with our SEO service. In this way, the prices for paid traffic are reduced and new targeting opportunities are also discovered.

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Soar into new horizons with Google advertising from CreateX

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