Social media marketing

Social media is a tool to increase sales and brand recognition. Create your business' image, vision, communication style, and values. In the online space, they are the main way to reach people's hearts and stay there for a long time. Digital marketing builds a loyal audience of brand admirers who share similar interests and maintains high levels of two-way engagement.

Why social media management?

Professional management of social media requires a good knowledge of the audience and the rules of the channel in which the communication takes place. Our Social Media specialists prepare research on the interests of your followers and follow a pre-arranged plan for publishing organic posts.

Our experts also assist us in terms of community management by answering questions, and comments, creating discussions, and overall keeping communication in the direction you want. They build influential communities through a targeted marketing strategy.

Why is
social media management

Емотиконка createx SM your voice

Your voice

How you are positioned online affects your perception as a legitimate brand. Create your own unique communication style through marketing strategy.
Емотиконка createx SM audience

Know the audience

Be closer to your followers than ever. Get to know their behavior and interests. Use the knowledge gained for better segmentation with PPC advertising.

Емотиконка createx SM authentic

Be authentic

Organic posts deliver meaningful and relevant content. They increase authority, strengthen trust and attract new customers.
Емотиконка createx SM ambasadors

More than customers

Social networks turn your fans into brand ambassadors who share your brand values ​​and vision for growth.

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Online presence in:


Types of management

Work process

in social media management

Research and preparation

  • Meeting with a client
  • Business research
  • Selecting appropriate support channels
  • Collection of all available digital assets

Content creation and strategy

  • Creation of Content and marketing strategy for the brand
  • Content production and filming
  • Media planning

Distribution and

  • Publishing Content
  • Community management
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Графичен елемент на сфера в синьо и розово

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a highly effective method for a business, regardless of its size, to reach customers. People spend much time on social channels discovering, learning about, following and shopping for brands. If you are not on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you might miss out on many business opportunities!

Social media content can be promotional, entertaining, educational, or any other type depending on your goals and desired outcomes

Yes, our specialists can assist you with creating and setting up social network profiles. For more information about the terms of service, send an inquiry.

Yes, it can bring benefits to both large and medium businesses as well as small-scale businesses.

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