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About us

We launched CreateX as a digital agency with a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. However, our main ambition has always been to transform ourselves from a contractor to a business partner in the digital world for our clients.

After years of work and experience with various projects, we now offer a full communication service. We build comprehensive marketing strategies to achieve results, using the possibilities of the digital space and modern technologies.

How did we get here?

Our history


The beginning
  • An idea
  • Creation
  • A team of three
  • First customer


Freelance Digital Agency
  • A team of six people
  • Working in a co-working space


In-house Digital Agency
  • A team of 15 people
  • First independent office in Sofia
  • Over 20 customers


Full-service Digital Agency
  • 30 people team
  • 40+ customers
  • First office in Tarnovo
  • Creation of Digital Work
  • 1 million managed budget


Full-service Digital Agency Upgraded
  • Internship program
  • New office in Veliko Tarnovo
  • New office in Sofia
  • 2 courses in digital marketing
  • Strategic partnership with SoftUni
  • 50+ person team


Digital Partner
  • New office in Sofia
  • Production studio
  • Digital Talent Bootcamp
  • Metaphora - a place for digital innovation and exploration

The balance sheet

For the past years

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A portfolio
of over 300 companies
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Experience in
80 business niches
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75+ current
business partners

Strategic partners

Proof of our efforts and successes are also the trusted partnerships we have built.

SoftUni Digital

SoftUni Digital is the first comprehensive program for training digital marketing specialists in Bulgaria. As a strategic partner, SoftUni provides our employees with access to useful learning resources, and the best students have the opportunity to start an internship and/or work at CreateX.

SoftUni Creative

SoftUni Creative is the first comprehensive design, creative, and visualization program in Bulgaria, with students having the opportunity to learn from the best in these fields. And here, SoftUni provides our team with access to useful resources to acquire new skills, which increases the quality of our products.

Digital Work

Digital Delo is an independent media outlet for the industries of the future, with a focus on the digital world, innovation, and technology. Our partnership is expressed in the common mission – to create a unified media that gives value to ordinary consumers, businesses, and professionals in various digital niches.

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