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Facebook advertising is a flexible method of audience targeting that allows your message to reach a narrowly selected user base. The format is visible to users of the social network who meet the criteria you have previously set - demographic characteristics, interests, location and more.

Advantages of Facebook advertising

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Detailed Targeting

Describe your ideal buyer persona and your ad will reach all individuals matching that profile.
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Flexible budgets

Facebook advertising offers very favourable pricing conditions. Set parameters like pay per impressions, engagement, traffic, conversions and more.

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Successful remarketing

The surest way to get consumers to buy is by reminding them of your brand.

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Fast results

The platform allows you to start advertising in a few clicks. By optimising on a daily basis, the results become even better.

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Multi-platform effect

In parallel with Facebook, you have the opportunity to position yourself on Instagram, Messenger, Tinder and other partner platforms.

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What does the CreateX service include?

Why choose us?

Digital marketing agency CreateX works at competitive prices that are tailored to your monthly advertising budget. Together we determine the priority audiences and deliver your desired message to them.

Pricing is determined by variable factors such as impression frequency, format, audience size, platform and more.

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Soar into new horizons with Facebook advertising from CreateX

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