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At CreateX, we believe that the first step to SEO success is getting the attention of both search engines and users. How do we achieve it? You will find out by reading the lines below.

What Does On-Page SEO Include?

We can’t talk about SEO optimization without emphasizing meta titles and descriptions, internal links, structured data, etc. What lies behind these concepts and how the professional intervention of an SEO specialist can make them become a key driver of good organic positioning of your website?

meta data

Metadata Optimization

Using HTML tags to mark elements that we want to be displayed to users such as page title and description in the SERP is key to SEO. We optimize:


Content Optimization

Part of any professionally planned SEO strategy is creating content that meets the needs of users while also being attractive to search engines.

URL structure

URL Structure and Navigation Elements

For both users and search engine bots, a well-ordered site structure, reflected in page addresses and navigation elements, is important.

image optimization

Image Optimization

In addition to making the content more attractive to users, images can be a very valuable element for the SEO optimization of a site.

title tags

Tags to Mark Headings and Subheadings in the Text

Marking parts of the text with H1, H2, H3, etc., HTML tags allow search engines to understand what the main heading is and what the subheadings are related to. From an SEO point of view, it is key that the title elements include the relevant keywords for which we aim to rank the page.

page speed

Page Speed and Mobile Optimization

A fast and user-friendly site for users, who mostly surf through their mobile devices, is among the key factors responsible for good SERP positioning. CreateX's SEO specialists work with the dev team to improve speed and mobile optimization metrics.

schema markup

Schema Markup

The use of the so-called structured data for "translating" the content of a certain page into the language of search engines helps to better understand the information and present it in a more attractive way to users through advanced search results.

internal links ptimization

Internal Links Optimization

Providing a network of links for bots to crawl your site's content is an integral part of SEO. Professionally planned and executed internal link building allows to redistribute weight and increase the PR of important pages.

Why On-Page SEO is Key to Your Site's Optimization

On-Page SEO helps search engines better understand your site's content, which in turn leads to higher positions in search results. Increasing organic visibility for keywords and phrases relevant to your business is how this marketing channel works to achieve its goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible not to include Off-page SEO or Local SEO, but to achieve maximum effect it is good to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy that includes all components of optimization for organic ranking.

Depending on the size of the site and the complexity of the optimization, the time to complete the tasks can differ significantly for individual projects. In general, basic optimizations should take place within the first three to four months of project launch.

Yes, when concluding a contract for SEO services, a full technical audit, preparation of an optimization strategy and all necessary On-page SEO activities are always included.

It would be extremely difficult and without guarantee of results to perform SEO tasks without prior professional training and tracking tools. Our recommendation is to leave this key optimization step for any site in the hands of experts.

Every functioning site is alive and depending on the dynamics with which its content and user behavior change, it is necessary to periodically analyze and re-optimize it to meet the current requirements of users and search engines. With proper initial optimization and subsequent maintenance, the need for corrections and improvements is most often minimal.

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