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Website development services

A website is your constant connection with consumers and a virtual business card. It provides a stable communication space that is independent of social networks and the rules of trading platforms.

The website guides the customer’s perception of your business and provides an opportunity to create a community. A well-structured customer journey leads to greater chances of making a sale.

Why website development?

Рентабилност - Създаване на уебсайт - CreateX дигитална агенция за реклама и маркетинг


Pricing-wise, building a website can often be cheaper than opening a physical location. If your business can only exist online, then making an e-store is your solution. If you have a physical location, your online store is a powerful marketing tool that brings added value.

Индивидуалност - Създаване на уебсайт - CreateX дигитална агенция за реклама и маркетинг


The site creates your brand image. Choose the design, colors, and content yourself. Your online presence needs to look its best so that your customers really want to buy from you.

Комбинативност - Създаване на уебсайт - CreateX дигитална агенция за реклама и маркетинг


Many businesses rely on social media profiles alone, but building a website is an additional marketing weapon. When supported by social networks, email campaigns, SEO, and online advertising, it brings significant value. Through this strong digital mix, you are guaranteed a return on investment.

Гъвкавост - Създаване на уебсайт - CreateX дигитална агенция за реклама и маркетинг


Add content anytime and promote it to reach the people who visit the site. This will help you deal with seasonality in sales, inventory management, and more.

Rules for creating a site

Mobile First

Sites are increasingly visited on mobile devices. Therefore, when designing, you should pay equal attention to the look for desktop and mobile devices;


Online users see a number of sites every day and you need to make sure yours looks good and is easy to use;

The right content

Content should be specific, informative, and optimized for search engines so that you can rank better when users search for certain key phrases. Therefore, if high results are desired, the production must be combined with parallel SEO work;

Link structure

The link structure must be well designed, according to the requirements of the search engines for easier indexing, which will help climb to higher search positions;

Types of graphic design services

The price is determined based on the project specifications.

Work process

for creating a website

Strategy development

  • Competitor research
  • User paths
  • Creating a branding strategy
  • Choosing a platform - a way to build

Presets and solutions

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Ready-made theme (if applicable)

Actual design and creation

  • Build in test environment
  • Implementing the web design
  • Implementing the content
  • Testing (UX & UI)
  • Presentation to client for feedback
  • Implement feedback
  • Presentation to client for approval
  • Website migration
  • Test after transfer
  • Setting up web analytics tools and tracking
  • Launching the website

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