SEO strategy for website optimisation

Once we have done the necessary analyses and a full audit of your website, we will build an SEO strategy to define the following steps to achieve the goals.

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What does a website optimisation
strategy include?

Before taking any action to fix technical errors and improve your site’s performance in organic search results, CreateX’s SEO specialists will formulate the tasks ahead into a comprehensive strategy.
What else includes in this vital document?

The SEO strategy contains the following:

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Key SEO components in any optimisation strategy

Technical SEO optimisation

Ensuring that the search engine bots crawling your site can reach the essential pages is one of the first tasks for any SEO expert.

The correct structure, the absence of “broken” pages, well-built internal links and correctly defined rules in the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are some of the elements that require special attention.

Another important aspect of technical optimisation is providing a good user experience through a mobile-friendly and sufficiently fast site.

The CreateX team will ensure that your website is crawled, indexed and used to its fullest potential.

Layer - SEO стратегия - CreateX
Layer - SEO стратегия - CreateX

On-Page SEO

More than one web page in Google’s organic results list is required. It needs to reach the right audience for a specific search.

For this to happen, the process is long and involves many steps. Optimising metadata, textual content, and images are necessarily one of them.

The specialists at our digital marketing agency know in detail the good On-Page SEO practices and will apply them precisely.

Text and visual content

With professionally written text and relevant, eye-catching visuals, your site can meet the needs and demands of its intended audience.

The creative potential of our experienced copywriters and designers successfully combines with remarkable AI technologies contributing to creating engaging content.

It gives us confidence in the success of the content strategy developed by SEO specialists to improve your organic online presence. Adequately targeted and optimised content is an integral part of any SEO strategy.

Layer - SEO стратегия - CreateX
Layer - SEO стратегия - CreateX

Off-page optimisation

Acquiring quality inbound links from relevant and high-authority sources is and will continue to be a key element of SEO.

Link building must be done correctly to avoid conflict with Google’s spam policies.
Implementing good Off-page SEO practices is vital in the CreateX team’s strategy when starting optimisation.

Monitoring results

Tracking data from analytics tools is necessary to ensure that an SEO strategy tailored to your website’s specific needs and goals works effectively.

Expert interpretation of values ​​objectively assesses SEO performance as part of an overall marketing strategy.

You will receive monthly reports, including a detailed analysis of the organic traffic to the website and the dynamics of its page positions when searching for specific keywords

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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a sequence of optimisation steps, timelines, and expected results of each phase ensures that essential elements of the SEO process are not missed.

Indicators such as the number of users and visits to the site from organic traffic, the percentage of realisation of the set goals, the increase in the number of keywords in positions 1-3 and the top 10 in the search results, Health score (measurement of good technical condition) of the site are tracked.

It is desirable to carry out the planned tasks in the set sequence. Still, in the event of extraordinary circumstances (emerging technical problems, changes in assortment, changes in algorithms of search engines, etc.), corrections in the strategy are imperative. They are also done if unsatisfactory results are found at a particular optimisation stage.

The optimisation strategy is based on a detailed audit of your site, a study of the competition in the digital environment and your business goals. For specific information on whether and how you can get an SEO strategy developed by CreateX’s team of experts, take advantage of our contact form and make your inquiry. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

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