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  • Branding iconBranding
  • Creative Production iconCreative
  • Web SEO iconWeb & SEO
  • Social Media Management iconSocial Media
  • Performance Marketing iconPerformance
  • VR AR iconDigital


  • Main
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity

Branding is one of the most important elements for any business - small or large.

The right brand strategy and visual communication gives businesses an advantage in a world of ruthless competition.

Brand Strategy

We find the right approach for your business by creating brand strategies.

We identify the right target groups and their behavior, then we choose the marketing channels and tactics with which to most quickly and effectively fulfill the business goals.

Brand Identity

The business card of your brand is its name, logo and message.

Our team of experienced designers and copywriters tell the essence of your business through the main brand elements, with one main goal - to be remembered and distinguished.

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Creative Production

  • Main
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Video & Photography

Advertising in a digital environment requires rapid production of content for different platforms and in different formats.

The dynamics of the industry dictate the need for a dedicated team to create the right content for your business.


With the power of creative thinking, we convey the messages that your business wants to send to the audience.

The service extends from the adaptation of advertising materials, through the creation of creative concepts and messages for paid advertising and content in social networks, to the preparation of scenarios for communication videos.


With design, we "clothe" our creative concepts, recreating our ideas and conveying brand messages.

Design is an essential element that serves to recognize and draw attention to your business.

Video & Photography

Social networks and digital advertising are developing strongly in the direction of video content. The need for content specifically shot for the specific business is also increasing.

That is why we offer video production and organization of brand photo shoots - from idea to final product.

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Web & SEO

  • Web & SEO
  • UI & UX Design
  • Web Dev
  • SEO
  • Content Writing

The corporate website is your virtual business card and sales tool.

With SEO, we improve the content and its technical characteristics so that it organically ranks at the top of thematic searches.

UI & UX Design

We analyze the business to understand what is the right user path to achieve the end goal.

On this basis, we arrive at the most accurate user experience (UX) and the most correct user interface (UI).

Web Dev

Our web development specialists have extensive experience and will implement any functionality you can imagine.

They will offer the best solution according to your budget and your business needs.


Optimizing and improving the overall technical condition of the website will bring you long-term returns and visible results.

The well-designed link structure according to the requirements of the search engines helps the site to get higher positions in search.

Learn more here.

Content Writing

Copywriting is the process of creating quality and valuable content.

Our copywriters have extensive experience in various business niches and know how to most accurately and impactfully create content so that more people land on your site organically.

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  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Marketing

Social networks are a tool for increasing sales and brand recognition. They build his image, vision, communication style and values in the digital environment.

In the online space, they are the main way to reach people's hearts and stay there for a long time.


Professional support of social networks requires a good knowledge of the different platforms, so first of all we create the strategy.

It includes getting to know the brand and its audience, competitive analysis and proper selection of communication platforms and channels.

Content Creation

We tailor the pre-planned content to the specifics of different channels, business goals, visual identity and users.

We update the approach based on expectations, results and algorithm changes.

Community Management

Our specialists can manage your business's community by answering questions, comments, creating discussions and overall maintaining communication.

The service helps to better bond with the brand and increase love for it, which is the ultimate goal of advertising.

Influencer Marketing

The steps in an influencer marketing campaign include building a strategy around your business goals and choosing the right influencers whose target audience matches yours.

This approach offers you the opportunity to connect directly with the people who matter to you through authentic and inspiring personalities who have a significant impact on millions of social media users.

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Performance Marketing

  • Performance Marketing
  • PPC
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing

Internet advertising allows us to target in detail at competitive prices and direct potential customers directly to action.

Results are timely and measurable, and ads can be creatively visioned and in a variety of formats, as well as optimized in real-time to improve performance.


Depending on the nature of your business, Pay per Click advertising may be the best solution for quick and measurable results.

Our PPC specialists have experience in more than 50 niches, and they will prepare a strategy based on the nature of your business and your target and optimize the ads in time so that you achieve the desired goal.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion optimization specialists will analyze your site to improve results.

CRO analysis serves to increase sales, click-through rate (CTR), or in other words - the conversion of traffic into sales and registration for a consultation or service.

Email Marketing

We believe that every business should strive to create a personal database of user data in order to have stability in managing their audience.

Our email marketing specialists will prepare a strategy for your business and take care of its implementation, providing the technology part and the content.

Learn more about our email marketing services.

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Digital Innovations

  • Digital Innovations

Together with our partners, we develop VR and AR experiences and functionalities for your business for recognition or direct sales.

You can count on our team to create an innovative campaign for you that sets you apart.

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Our clients

We have the pleasure of working on projects from many different industries - medicine, pharmaceutics, food supplements, dermo-cosmetics, construction, hospitality and tourism, sports and spa, children’s toys, and others.

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Clients about us

Feedback from our clients is the most important evaluation for us and is our drive to grow and develop in the right direction, in order to meet expectations.

Our team

Get to know our leadership team

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Alexander Ivanov CEO
Alexander Ivanov CEO
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Anita Nestorova COO
Anita Nestorova COO
simeon spasov business director createx 1
Simeon Spasov Business Development
Simeon Spasov Business Development
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Stanislava Dzhevelekova Marketing Director
Stanislava Dzhevelekova Marketing Director
Veselina Encheva Web & SEO Director
Veselina Encheva Web & SEO Director
nina dyakova creative director 1
Nini Dyakova Creative Director
Nini Dyakova Creative Director
ivaylo saralyiski art director createx 1
Ivaylo Saraliyski Art Director
Ivaylo Saraliyski Art Director
peyo peev design lead createx 1
Peyo Peev Design Lead
Peyo Peev Design Lead
Darina Naydenova Creative Lead
Darina 1
Darina Naydenova Creative Lead
Plamen Yordanov Web Lead
Plamen Yordanov Web Lead
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Our partners

Working with our strategic partners brings added value to both our company and team, as well as our customers and their audience.

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