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Evolving together. Digitally.

CreateX is your trusted partner with whom you can evolve in business. Digitally.

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Branding услуги - CreateX дигитална агенция
Branding основни услуги - CreateX дигитална агенция
Бранд стратегия - createx.bg
Визуална идентичност - Branding основни услуги - CreateX дигитална агенция

Creative Production

Creative Production услуги - CreateX дигитална агенция
Графичен елемент - Creative Production - Createx.bg
Графичен елемент -Копирайтинг услуги
Графичен дизайн услуги - Creative Production - CreateX дигитална агенция
Графичен елемент -videography-photography-createx.bg

Web & SEO

Икона на Web SEO Services - CreateX
Графичен елемент - Web & SEO - createx.bg
UI-UX - Изработка на сайтове и SEO оптимизация услуги - CreateX дигитална агенция
Графичен елемент - Създаване на уебсайтове - createx.bg
SEO оптимизация - CreateX дигитална агенция
Графичен елемент - Създаване на съдържание - createx.bg

Social Media Marketing

Маркетинг в социални мрежи - CreateX
Маркетинг в социални мрежи - createx.bg
Изготвяне на маркетингова стратегия - createx.bg
Графичен елемент - създаване на съдържание
Управление на общността - Createx.bg

Performance Marketing

Графичен елемент - Performance Marketing -
Реклама в интернет - Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram- CreateX
PPC - Реклама в интернет - Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram - CreateX дигитална агенция
CRO - Реклама в интернет - Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram - CreateX дигитална агенция
Графичен елемент Email-Marketing

Digital Innovations

Together with our partners we create VR and AR experiences and functionality for your business to create and increase awareness and sales.

You can also rely on our team for NFT marketing and introduction into metaverses.

Digital innovations - createx.bg
Дигитални иновации - Createx.bg




Save the client’s website from a spam attack and a 84.6% drop in organic traffic.

Our approach


  • After only 1 day all spam and indexed results were removed.
  • After 3 days the website began accumulating key words.
  • After 7 days the website began regaining its organic results.
  • After 15 days the website returned to the level of organic traffic it had before the spam attack.

Dr. Denkov


To build a loyal audience of followers for Dr. Denkov’s Instagram account.

Our approach


In 6 months we were able to increase the account’s followers by more than 7000, using only organic content.



To better engage the existing audience and attract new followers to the brand’s social profiles.

Our approach


  • 32 658% increase* in the number of people the page reached.
  • 119 958% increase* in post engagements on the page.
  • 3 591% increase* in page likes.

* compared to a previous period

Moderna Masa


Increase sales through digital advertising on Facebook and Google with a minimal budget.

Our approach


  • In 3 weeks
  • 3483% ROAS on Facebook
  • 944% ROAS on Google

Easy Auto


Black Friday campaign to generate a large number of sales.

Our approach


  • 920% ROAS on Facebook
  • 1687% ROAS on Google



For the brand to rank high on all keywords containing “Burgas’ and match the brand’s product catalog, as well as more traffic on non-local keywords, therefore – more sales from organic traffic.

Our approach


  • 1259.18% increase in organic traffic.

Balli Go


To create a complete brand identity for a Bulgarian brand for CBD cosmetics – oils and night masks.

Our approach

Distinguish Balli Go from the typical CBD cosmetics brands by bringing a more urban feel in its visual identity.


The active woman deserves special treatment. To encompass her spirit and the natural essence of the brand, we created a hand-written dynamic logotype. The brand colours bring a sense of nature, combined with femininity for a chic urban feel.

Blackout Optix


Design the brand identity of an online optics brand, which provides quick and easy access to high quality sunglasses, prescription frames and contact lenses fully online.


To directly connect to the essence of the business, the letter “O” in the logotype resembles the shape of the human eye, with sun flare integrated as the pupil.


Blackout Optix is inspired by the pleasant “dimming” of light when wearing sunglasses on a sunny day or after a heavy night of partying. It resonated with the brand’s modern spirit that we wanted to highlight.

Blackout Optix Instagram Filter


Create a launch campaign, as well as an element that would strongly distinguish the brand from other conventional optics brands in terms of innovation.

Idea and completion

The most important thing for clients is to test glasses before they buy them. That is why we created a try-on filter for the modern urban consumer’s favorite platform – Instagram. That way, they could easily try on some of the best-selling models and then buy them from Blackout Optix.

To do that, we partnered with one of the most famous Bulgarian 3D artists – Ivan Tride, who created the filter for the brand.

Our clients

We have the pleasure of working on projects from many different industries - medicine, pharmaceutics, food supplements, dermo-cosmetics, construction, hospitality and tourism, sports and spa, children’s toys, and others.

Лого на Д-р Денкова
Лого на Неосат
Лого на Еденред
Лого на SVR
Лого на ePharm
Лого на The Balkan Jewel
HMI - Logo
Лого на The Business Institute
Лого на Джеймисън
Лого на Zotapay
Захарни Заводи - Горна Оряховица - Лого
Лого на GO GRILL
Заедно в час - Logo
Лого на Solis
Лого на Cook It
Лого на - Адрес - недвижими имоти
Лого на Meat Revolution
Лого на Bulfolio
Лого на Playsense
Лого на Д-р Денков

Clients about us

Feedback from our clients is the most important evaluation for us and is our drive to grow and develop in the right direction, in order to meet expectations.

Our team

Get to know our leadership team

Графичен елемент сфера в розово и синьо
Графичен елемент с неправилна форма в розово и синьо
Аватар на Александър Иванов CEO
Alexander Ivanov CEO
Симеон Спасов - Business Development Director - CreateX
Simeon Spasov Business Development
Анита Несторова - Chief Operating Officer - CreateX
Anita Nestorova Chief Operating Officer
Нина Дякова - Creative Director - CreateX
Nina Dyakova Creative Director
Станислава Стоянова - PPC Director - CreateX
Stanislava Andonova PPC Director
SEO Director
Boyan Baichev SEO Director
Ивайло Саралийски - Art Director - CreateX
Ivaylo Saraliyski Art Director
Пейо Пеев - Design Lead - CreateX
Peyo Peev Design Lead
Графичен елемент - неправилна, преливаща се форма.

Our partners

Working with our strategic partners brings added value to both our company and team, as well as our customers and their audience.

Издължено Лого на SoftUni Digital
Лого на SoftUni - софтуерен университет
Издължено лого на SoftUni Creative
Лого на Дигитално дело
Vivid Films Logo
Native Logo
Лого на Viber Rakuten

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