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What is WordPress site maintenance?

A large percentage of Internet sites and online stores are created on WordPress – the most popular CMS platform with thousands of users that increase daily. But great interest also means more and more new users and changes.

This leads to a constant need for WordPress to evolve and be updated, and every single site built on it has a regular need for new applications, removal of old and inactive ones, review for problematic comments, attempts to steal data or unauthorized logins to hacking.

All those hundreds of small elements that make up your site need a real professional to take care of them regularly and keep the site in great working shape.

Какво е поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX

Who Can Benefit From WordPress Site Maintenance Service?

Professional WordPress support is suitable for:

Our clients

We have the pleasure of working on projects from many different industries - medicine, pharmaceutics, food supplements, dermo-cosmetics, construction, hospitality and tourism, sports and spa, children’s toys, and others.

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What does the service include?

The service includes different WordPress site maintenance activities depending on the plan you choose. With each plan, you get certain working hours per month in which we can make edits to already uploaded content, add new ones, as well as set up new functionalities through plugins, according to the needs of your site.

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No matter which plan you choose, you always get assistance from our specialist to improve your site through the following activities.

24/7 мониторинг - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

Your site receives 24/7 monitoring

Our service includes professional double monitoring. Our specialist sets up specialized software that will check your site every 5 minutes every day and immediately alert you if there is a problem. The WordPress specialist also performs a manual check every two weeks of functionalities, user experience and overall smoothness of the use of your site.

Актуализации на тема, разширения и цялостна система - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

Analysis of data from Google Search Console

WordPress themes and extensions are constantly changing. New better themes are released and old ones are no longer supported.
Therefore, regular updates are extremely important – they guarantee an optimal user experience that is safe for users and protected from spam and hacker attacks. We can also assist if you need to communicate with third parties regarding hosting or extension developers.

Скорост на сайта - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

Optimizing the speed of your site

We test, monitor and constantly strive to improve your site’s loading speed. Faster loading means satisfied users and a better chance of them continuing to visit and spend time on your site.

Защита на уебсайта от атаки - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

Protecting your website
from attacks

A higher percentage of users using WordPress also means a higher percentage of attacks by hackers and malware. With settings and monitoring by our WordPress support specialists, your site is 100% protected from all unwanted activities and safe to use.

Резервни копия на вашия уебсайт - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

Backups of your files and database

In a digital environment, there is always a chance that an unforeseen change, such as a hosting issue or an old plugin, could result in data loss. With regular copies of your site and data made by our specialists, you can quickly restore your site and avoid leaving the negative impression on your users that a damaged site would leave.

Защита на уебсайта от атаки - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

Maintenance for your
e-commerce store

We also offer WooCommerce maintenance services. We periodically test all the functionality of the store, update settings if necessary and take care of its security and protection.
Your WooCommerce online store is always perfectly optimized and ready for use by existing and new customers.


What are the benefits of the service?

When you choose WordPress web maintenance with us you get:

We’ll take care of everything to keep your site running perfectly even when you’re on vacation.

Какви са предимствата - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция
Какви са предимствата - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX дигитална агенция

What happens if your WordPress site goes without maintenance?

WordPress websites are multi-component systems made up of various extensions and one main theme.

Every now and then, new updates are released for both (extensions and themes), which are recommended to be updated as soon as possible.

Regularly checking and maintaining the many elements of the site takes time and resources. If you leave them unmaintained you risk problems such as:

Such problems lead to a serious chance that Google will avoid showing your site and an inability for new users and customers to discover and visit it.

What is our working process?

Once you’ve indicated that you want WordPress Web Maintenance, our account manager will guide you smoothly through each step of the process to give you peace of mind and confidence that your site is in safe hands.

After choosing a suitable plan for you using our account, we will need access to your website, FTP access and/or hosting provider (cPanel).

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for WordPress web maintenance

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Suitable for small websites

план IN SPACE - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX


Suitable for large company websites

план READY TO LAUNCH - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX


Suitable for WooCommerce online stores

How do I pay for a selected plan?

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Billing for a selected WordPress maintenance plan is three months in advance. From our practice with clients, we have noticed that this saves both parties time in billing and communication each month.

As the end of the three months approaches, a member of our team will contact you to communicate the continuation of WordPress web maintenance on your site.

What does the service NOT include?

The WordPress site maintenance service does not include the following activities:

We have teams of proven specialists in each of these services.

If you need one or more of these, you can contact a person from our team who will present you with types of plans for these services and the optimal option for your business.

Какво не се включва в услугата - Поддръжка на WordPress сайт - CreateX

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we work with every client with a WordPress site, regardless of which hosting they use. We have customers of both SuperHosting and other providers. We can also advise you on the migration process if you wish to change your hosting provider.

You only need to contact us and express your interest in the service and a member of our team will continue communication with you.

If you have doubts about which plan will be more suitable for your site, we are available to consult you so that together we can choose the most suitable plan according to your business needs and development goals.

Yes. A large portion of our support clients are actually WooCommerce websites in the online commerce realm.

Each of our WordPress site maintenance plans is designed for one website. If you have two or more sites that need maintenance, you’ll need a separate plan for each.

This ensures that each of your sites will have a team of specialists dedicated to keeping them in optimal condition.

Do I need additional site activities?
For additional activities on the site, you can take advantage of the working hours per month included in each maintenance plan.

Activities include creating pages, uploading posts, editing content, uploading products, setting up WooCommerce, and more.

If your website is hacked, we contact your hosting provider so that we, and they, can take action to resolve the issue.

Using paid security tools, we will diagnose the malicious files and remove them quickly to minimize the chance of serious damage to the site.

If your website has a technical issue that causes it to “break”, our team responds instantly. Through technical diagnostics, we quickly identify the problem and correct it. This way, we guarantee minimal lost time in which the website will be unavailable to users.

You can contact us Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., for advice and assistance in maintaining your WordPress site.

No, everything is done by our trained team of specialists.

Yes of course. We maintain sites not built by us as long as they are on WordPress or WooCommerce.

Yes. Even if you don’t change your website often, it still needs active technical support to be in optimal working order. This would ensure that your website is as secure as possible and loads as quickly as possible, providing the best user experience.

Of course. We could even advise you on how to do it.
On the other hand, our experience shows that most business owners do not have the time to spend on technical maintenance or adding and updating content on their website.

Although WordPress is a relatively easy system to learn, 100% of our clients rely on us as a digital expert to service their websites so that they are always available to their customers.

Yes, in each of the WordPress support plans there are scheduled and fixed working hours that you can take advantage of.

If you exceed these hours, you can easily purchase additional hours by letting a member of our team know.

No. WordPress web maintenance plans do not include content creation or subscription.

On the other hand, we have an excellent team of expert copywriters who could assist you with this.

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Why trust us?

By choosing us as a partner for the maintenance of your website or online store, you can be sure that your website or store will always be in optimal condition for your current and potential customers.

You won’t have to worry about whether your site is online or whether a customer will see or worse, let you know there’s a problem with it.

A large part of our clients trust us precisely because we have a trained team of WordPress site maintenance specialists to take care of every activity, all done in-house under the supervision of a real and proven specialist in the field.

Stop wasting time, nerves and customers because of a poorly functioning site, and trust our proven team with experience in WordPress website maintenance.

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