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Graphic design is the language of visual art. It is a fully creative process that uses various graphic elements and tools to recreate ideas and messages. We are fortunate to work with professionals with vast international experience who creatively achieve digital marketing goals.

Why graphic design?

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Good graphic design is memorable. It makes users engage with the content you offer them. Through it, they are more likely to think of you when they need a product or service.

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Corporate identity

To establish your corporate identity, each subsequent vision must be a continuation of the previous one. It should reflect your vision and correspond with the customers’ perception of your business.

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Image enhancement

An attractive design builds trust in the brand and enhances its overall presentation and image. It creates a desire in consumers to interact with the brand and helps position it in the minds of the audience.
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3 features of graphic design

Always up to date

When developing a creative concept for a project, it’s good to keep in mind that sometimes people forget what a campaign was about, but they remember tunes, colors, shapes, and visions. Therefore, your style must be timeless.


Sometimes what looks and communicates well for one business may not work for another. Therefore, the visual style of designs must present the brand and the messages in a distinctive way.


Messages need to be delivered correctly across multiple channels and through a variety of elements. Therefore, a designer must be able to recreate visionary ideas in the best possible way, regardless of the nature of the project. It’s even better if the designers have experience with real (not digital) fine art and/or calligraphy. Our designers, fortunately, are just like that.

Types of graphic design services

The price is determined based on the project specifications.

Work process

for graphic design services

Developing a strategy
for your project

  • Niche competitor research
  • Explore inspiring ideas and projects
  • Defining user paths
  • Getting to know the brand identity of the business
  • Defining colours and styles

Creating a vision

  • Developing a vision
  • Feedback and development of optimization recommendations
  • Making corrections
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Графичен елемент на сфера в синьо и розово

Frequently Asked Questions

He creates visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to convey ideas through image, color, and form to inspire, inform or grab consumers’ attention.

A designer can develop the overall layout of your site, but they can also apply their skills to the design of an advertisement, brochure, magazine, report, presentation, logo, and various other advertising applications.

Yes, a designer can help create a mobile version of your site.

If you want to sell a product or service, you need a designer to convey your visual message to your target audience. He can help with packaging design, logo, layout and print design, as well as on the site and its mobile version.

Yes, the designer can create an entirely new look for your site, which is more modern and responds more precisely to your brand and the message you want to communicate.

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