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Optimizing for good organic positioning continues after on-page SEO activities. An integral part of any professionally crafted strategy is providing positive external signals about the quality and usefulness of your website. Off-page SEO is the way to get them.

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Off-page SEO is a set of off-site optimizations aimed at improving its position in search results. These activities of SEO specialists are aimed at increasing the authority and popularity of the website in the eyes of search engines by building quality external links (backlinks), positive signals in social networks, and local positioning.

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Building external links (Backlinking)

Building external links (backlinking) is a key point in any SEO strategy and plays an important role in improving website visibility.

Confirmed by Google as one of the leading ranking factors, links from other sites to yours are often the element of optimization that will help you appear in the top results for the search queries that matter to you. Some of the link-building methods are:
It is important to know that link-building practices that do not comply with Google's anti-spam policies could seriously harm your site's organic positioning.
It is recommended that this part of Off-page SEO optimization be done by experts with enough experience and knowledge to be effective and safe.

Social signals

Posting and giving positive reactions to content and resources from your website on social networks is a good signal to search engines that users are highly engaged with what you have to offer and find it useful and engaging enough to share and comment on it. You can get the social signals you need by:
Recommendation: Turn to experts who will assist you in properly positioning your content in the various digital channels.
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If your business has a physical location, then its appearance on the local results map for a certain targeted search is extremely important.

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) as part of Local SEO optimization will not only provide useful information to your future customers such as address, opening hours and phone number, but will also allow you to get quality traffic to your website.

CreateX's SEO specialists can provide you with the assistance you need with:


Off-page SEO is that element of the optimization of a website that takes care of increasing the authority in the eyes of search engines and the trust that will be voted for it as a reliable source of useful and necessary information for users. A high rating is among the leading ranking factors for SERP positioning. Investing in an expert strategy to achieve one is a step towards higher organic visibility and better results for your business.


It is possible to work only on the optimization of external factors such as links, social signals and Local SEO, but good indicators are the result of systematic work on optimization at all levels – technical, on-page, off-page SEO and content.

Yes. The optimization process after starting work on an SEO project includes all necessary analyses, strategy building and optimizations that can be done by the team without additional financial resources. If additional investment is necessary on the part of the client, it is communicated with specific parameters and expected benefits.

Given the complexity of the process and the risks to the organic positioning of the site in case of improper link building violating Google policies, yes, it is advisable to entrust the majority of Off-page SEO activities to experts with sufficient experience.

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