Графичен елемент - Shape in space


Brand identity design and travel mobile app

Графичен елемент - Ball Shape in Space

Brand mission

Tripco aims to revolutionize Bulgarian public transport by providing a highly modern journey planning application for safe, reliable and enjoyable travel.

The logo

An active woman deserves special treatment. To express her temperament and the natural spirit of the brand, we created a dynamic hand-lettered logo.

The brand colors bring a sense of nature combined with the feminine for an extremely urban feel.

The colors

Primary colors are key identifiers of the Tripco brand.

The lime green with its brightness is in harmony with the austere blue and together they create the feeling of security and hope.


Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface.

The Raleway font is a Google font and can be used on all platforms.

It also supports our two main languages - Bulgarian and English.

The application
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