Графичен елемент - Shape in space


How we generated BGN 1 529 652 turnover with Google Ads with an advertising investment of BGN 98 111.

Графичен елемент - Ball Shape in Space

For the brand

Epharm is the electronic website of Vancheva pharmacy, located in the town of Haskovo.

It serves customers who prefer the virtual space, providing them with the comfort of home comfort and at the same time offering them a rich nomenclature and professional service from highly qualified staff.

Иконка Точно попадение

Our target

Finding the right channel and audience and scaling your ads.

How we approached

After a lot of testing of the channels and the different campaigns in them, we came to the conclusion that one of them performs much better and we should focus our efforts and advertising budget on it. It was Google Ads.

We have optimized the ad campaigns to a level where we cover the maximum percentage of user searches at the minimum cost per click. Competition in the industry is relentless, but with persistence and timely scaling by our experts, we have managed to achieve unimaginably good results.


Generated turnover of 19,179 direct orders from Google Ads worth BGN 1,529,652, with an advertising investment of BGN 98,111.

This makes our return on investment 1559%.

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