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Influencer marketing for Brand launch on social networks

Графичен елемент - Ball Shape in Space

For the brand

The client is part of the portfolio of a pharmaceutical giant that offers products to boost the immune system and energy.

Иконка Точно попадение

Our target

To launch the brand's social networks and create enough reach for people to know that we are now also online.

The challenge

The saturated digital environment, the limitations of the algorithm and the extremely low levels of organic reach, as well as a small budget.

How we approached

To launch the profiles, we used 5 macro influencers with highly engaged audiences who took over the brand's social networks for 5 weeks.

We held 5 giveaway games on the brand profiles, with which we engaged the audience to guess the influencer who will be our next guest. Each of the influencers shared collaborative content in the form of a reel that communicated the product, as well as a story vlog of their day.

The results

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